Commercial Properties

Eligible Properties Types:

Assisted Living, Student Dormitory Housing, Office, Office Condo, Single Tenant, Retail, Day Care, Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical Office, Medical Condo, Anchored Strip Malls, Office/Warehouse, Automotive Service, Grocery Stores, Funeral Homes, Tire and Brake Centers, Oil/Lube Centers, Restaurants.

Eligible Transactions:

Acquisition or refinance; rehabilitation; ground up new construction.

Start-ups: please refer to SBA programs. Can be profit or non-profit 501c3 Organization.

Loan To Value:

75% purchases. 70% refinances depending upon age and condition of improvements in a range of asset types. 60-65% retail, 70-75% nursing homes/assisted living facilities, 65%-70% office, warehouse, $100K-$400K loan amounts and multi tenant industrial building use properties. All MAI appraisals are to rely on the income approach to value and employ either direct cap or yield capitalization (Discounted Cash Flow Methodology) all based upon reasonable financial assumptions that are market supported. In addition all appraisal reports must contain an insurable value with a Marshall & Swift Cost Estimate computer generated segregated cost analysis. No vacant land analysis and reporting is required.

Transaction Size:

In certain geographical areas we can originate small balance real estate secured business loans of $100,000-$400,000. Closing of small balance loans within 15-21 days. $500K to $5 million mortgage loan financing closing results in 45-60 days.

If loan amount is over $5 million we arrange non-recourse participations up to the required loan amount. of $35MM+ are available up to limit of $75MM, Nonrecourse loans with equity participation typically required.


No personal guarantees for routine loan transactions. If the project has credit or other transaction underwriting issues, the loan may require personal guarantees from credit-worthy members for a limited time period and then exculpated after property income achievement is verified for a 12 month trailing basis.

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